New Deal/WPA Art in Haleyville, Alabama

This Post Office mural was funded by the Section of Fine Arts under the Treasury Department and not the WPA.

Haleyville, AL Post Office
"Reforestation" mural (currently painted over)
by Hollis Holbrook (1940)

This is a picture of the wall where
the Haleyville mural is painted over.

This image shows 2 of the 3 dime-sized areas where
art conservator John Bertalam from Birmingham has removed
the paint to verify that the mural is indeed under the paint.

Images courtesy of the USPS

Restoration of the Haleyville Post Office Mural:
The local Historical society is trying to raise funds to have the mural revealed. However they recently have been turned down for a grant. Anyone interested in adding to the fund can contact Librarian Carla Waldrep at the Haleyville Public Library, 205-486-7450.

Reference Source:
Democratic Vistas:Post Offices and Public Art in the New Deal
by Marlene Park & Gerald E. Markowitz

Thanks to Jimmy Emerson who contributed the photographs and information.

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